Know Your Business

Know your Business offers businesses and individuals the ability to increase safety and mitigate the risk of fraud and petty theft when transacting with an entity. at the workplace. Swift Identity strives to deliver the most in-depth KYB service packages for our clients.

We help businesses verify bad records against all potential partners and clients, not only for integrity’s sake but also to ensure that entity is not affiliated with any Money Laundering risks and history. Our team unearths every bit of bad records, court orders, and fraudulent reports with timelines to give our clients a clear picture to make well informed business decisions.

Know Your Business

Taking these few steps to know your business partners can help businesses

Identify Fraudulent Transactions

Protect Company Reputation

Protect Your Employees

Build Employee Trust

Types of Criminal Background Check Services we provide include

This type of verification searches across all records from thousands of jurisdictions for federal and local crimes, Interpol blacklists, FBI reports databases for all records pertaining to fraudulent activities reported on a business. 

We work to discover if a potential business entity is actually in existence, using their registered address, domain verification, adverse media and other records that can validate if it’s a valid business entity.

We refer to a range of official and private resources in order to conduct KYB checks.
These include publicly available government registries and records of global corporate registries to establish the identities of individuals that are employed by or associated with the business.