Fraud Detection

With document verification utility, you can catch fraudulent activity at the helm of the process. We advise our customers to add security checks and layers around their onboarding process to sift through the fraudulent IDs quickly.

  • ID Document verification
  • Database cross-checks
  • Biometric verification

ID Fraud is like an organized crime, meticulously planned and well-managed by expert manipulators. If documents are faked to perfection, there is a chance – no matter how infinitesimal – that they may even bypass regular security checks. This is why you need biometric facial recognition.

Thorough checks for documentation

Swift and reliable Documents Verification

Smooth process

Customizable solutions

More qualified hires

With businesses growing digitally, the risk of ID fraud also multiplies.

We help employers run a detailed check of criminal records against all potential employees and clients, not only for integrity’s sake but also to ensure that candidates with questionable characters are not disguised unknowingly.

International Background Checks are used to screen candidates currently living outside of Ghana, or for candidates currently living in Ghana who previously lived, worked, or attended school in another country.
Our sex offender registry checks for various records in collaboration with the judicial and government authorities to reveal records and activities of all sex offenders, including those who have completed their criminal sentences.