Easily Sewing Patches onto Clothes with patches4less.com

Do you want to know how to quickly sew a patch onto your clothes without the hassles of traditional methods? If so, let patches4less.com help you make your garments usable again with cheaper ways to fix holes and damaged areas. We perfectly understand that some of your daily outfits like jackets and tee shirts are valuable and you don’t want to throw them away just because they have holes in it. So we’re here to give you cost efficient solutions in order to fix the problem areas. Get beautifully designed patches from us and wear your favorite outfit like it’s brand new.

After knowing that there are people who also need to learn some patching skills, we’ve created our website to share them our knowledge. Below are the basic steps on how to use patches and sew them onto your clothes in a hassle-free way:

o Prepare everything needed –

You will basically need thread, sewing needle, the patch, jacket or shirt, and that’s it. You can either sew it onto the garment using bare hands or a sewing machine to make things much easier. You can even follow the pattern you personally made to ensure that the result is personalized and unique.


o Choose the right patch –

Patches can be thick or thin, big or small, designed or plain to match specific requirements. By checking out  patches4less.com, you can choose from a wide range of designs and patterns to suit your unique needs in no time.

o Use the ideal method –

The two main methods when patching are the ironing and sewing on. You can pick the method in which you are comfortable so that you will have easier patching experience. However, we advice to use iron on if you want to avoid the hassles of sewing process.

Applying patches on your clothes can be a challenging job especially if it’s your first time. Each patch that we offer on our site via  patches4less.com comes in various designs, sizes, colors, and styles to perfectly match the exact needs of our customers. So if you are interested to see how we work and the patterns we currently have on the web, please feel free to visit the site. You can also ask us questions through our customer service hotline if you want immediate response.


How Important Patches Are

Ironed on or sewn, you can never go wrong in attaching your desired patches with our professional tips. Know that iron-on patches have layers of plastic at the back while thin layers of heat-activated glue for secured attachment. However, keep in mind to avoid removing the plastic at the back of the patch even if you sew or iron it on the clothes. Another tip is to use household irons on small patches to ensure add-ons on clothes and other garments.

And for those who need to attach patches onto leather, you need to keep in mind that sewing is the best method because iron heat is never good on leather clothes. It’s important to consider the dos and don’ts so that you will not regret the output you will get after performing the patching work. But if you don’t have any idea on how to patch your clothes, you are welcome to ask for tips from our professional team. We will give you the ultimate guidelines on our site here at  patches4less.com.

Why Choose Patch4Less?

Our patches available on the web can be shaped according to your desired designs and styles. All you need to do is inform us about your specific requirements and we will provide you the exact patterns you need. And if you want to cut the patches, please remember to carefully do it because you can never undo the cut out fabric. Also, you may inspect the quality of the patch and the material used to ideally match your garments that you want to fix. So if your problem is the holes, rips, and stains in your favorite daily outfits, you can now benefit from the patches that we offer on our website.

Why worry if you have Patch4Less.com to take care of your patching needs? Let us help you find the perfect design for your jackets, shirts, jeans, and shorts to enjoy more fashionable clothes. Say goodbye to stains and damage while wearing good-as-new garments. So if you need help in your patch work, we recommend you to check out our site today and learn how to sew patches onto your clothes in no time. Call us to get more details.