Tips on Becoming a Better Article Writer

report-writingBeing a good content writer is not that easy. In order to sharpen one’s writing skills, it takes a lot of hard work and effort. Though it may seem a tough hill to climb for beginners, they can slowly start doing small things that can improve their writing and that’s one sure way of making it better in the future. Whether it’s for a blog, newspaper, magazine; these tips can help writers tremendously grow over time as they continue doing their passion for writing:

  1. Read great articles from other writers. It may seem obvious but it should be said. Writers should all start from this. By reading great articles, they will have a view on how to write similar ones. Learn from other writers’ writings but try to find a unique voice and style in writing. Reading a lot really helps especially when there’s a need to work on articles with different topics and mechanics.
  2. Always write. Even if it’s once a day or a couple of times per day, what matters is that writers should never stop writing. Like any other skill sets, becoming better can be achieved through constant practice. Contribute to blogs, write stories or personal opinions on current issues and draft poems during leisure time. That way, writing becomes much easier because of constant practice.
  3. Consistently write down all the incoming ideas. An article writer must always keep a pocket Notebook no matter where they are so that they can note down on-the-spot ideas for an ongoing topic. Note taking ideas is also essential for novelists and even storytellers for developing story lines and building complex situations. When traveling, don’t hesitate to write down the snippets of other people’s conversations and the visual details of a particular poem when passed by a good scenery. With all these ideas written on paper, writers can actually go directly on writing articles at a much easier phase.
  4. Have a set of writing rituals. Every article writer has his own rituals before, during and after writing articles. Some like to eat chocolates or to sip a cup of coffee while writing and there are some writers who love to listen to a particular music to set their moods for writing. Other writers find a specific time and place where they can conveniently write articles without distractions. Some do it in coffee shops or in quiet rooms during early mornings or lunch time.

Whatever works, make it a point to have a certain routine that will help in setting the mood for writing. Writers may do it depending on their schedule. There are writers who just write for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day while there are some who are working full-time and write articles for multiple hours a day.

  1. Do free-flowing writing. It not only helps in mood-setting to write articles but it also helps writers to write articles much faster. Don’t just stare on that blank paper or screen. Start by typing a simple headline and start pouring all the juice coming from the brain. Writers may take a look at those pocket notebook with a list of ideas for help and write based on every related idea. The key here is to just keep going.
  2. Avoid distractions. In order to write with more focus especially for free-flowing ideas, it’s essential to eliminate distractions around. Turn off television sets and keep mobile phones on silent mode. It will also be helpful if an article writer closes all other applications that are running in the background of the computer.
  3. Allot time for revising the article. Once done with the free-flowing writing, review the whole article and correct the mistakes. Make it more concise by eliminating unnecessary sentences and paragraphs. Don’t forget to use powerful sentences by substituting sentences with strong verbs. Also, it always important not just to start strong but to end strong as well.

great articlesBy following all these tips, an article writer will be assured of becoming better by coming up with more interesting articles in the future that will leave his readers wanting for more.